How to improve page speed of your website?

Test my site (

Test a site to see out it’s page speed and how it performs on a mobile and desktop device. There is a speed test score with recommendations on how to fix them.

Screenshot of the Google site tester

Google Mobile page speed scorecard

An easy-to-use tool that allows you to compare your mobile speed with other companies​.​

The Speed Scorecard shows the speeds of thousands of sites from 12 countries across the globe. It’s powered by Chrome User Experience Report, the largest database of real-user latency data for how Chrome users experience popular destinations on the web.

Google mobile Speed Scorecard

In addition to the scorecard Google have also introduced the Impact calculator. This provides a framework that reflects the work Google regularly undertake with mSEO teams to help quantify the business impact of making speed based changes to a mSite.

Impact calculator

PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights analyzes your web page to see how fast it loads in a Desktop PC or mobile device. It then generates suggestions to make that page faster.

Google page speed tool

Video comparison

Free tool to generate a comparison of load speed between 2 sites and output a video of the 2 pages loading at the same time. It can also check mobile versions as well.

Pagespeed - to generate a comparison of load speed between 2 sites

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