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Exploring the Global Landscape of Search Engines

An overview of search engines around the world including their market share, the impact of AI that could have on the evolution if this fascinating sector.

What are the best Schema generator tools?

A list of my favourite Schema structured data testing tools including the well known Google structured data testing tool and FAQ Json-LD Schema Generator.

Top tools to carry out a SEO website audit

Everything you need to carry out a comprehensive SEO web site audit.

How to audit and monitor your social media presence

My list of different tools (both paid and free) to monitor your social media presence like your follower count, check how many are fake, check the quality score and social authority.

How to carry out keyword research

Overview of various tools to carry out keyword research both free and paid ones.

SEO Duplicate Content checker tools

Duplicate content or pages with similar content is a major problem on the web both for users and for web designers and SEO specialists.

There are many tools around the web to help alleviate the problem. These are some of my favorites.

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