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How to audit and monitor your social media presence

Twitter audit

Audit a Twitter account to see the number of real and fake followers. The service is free for this and has a paid version for more advanced features. You can also see the Quality Score Per Follower.

Real and fake followers output
Quality score per follower


Analysis of a username’s Twitter followers including where they are from, when they are most active. They also have whats called “Social Authority” to see a user’s influence and engagement on Twitter. It ranges from 1 to 100, where higher scores indicate a person with greater influential activity.

Username stats overview
Time of day when followers are most active
Mapped locations of followers


View the social media activity connected to the domain. The hearbeat graph offers data on how often content is updated on the website. If you install the Chrome plugin then they also have traffic estimates.

Check social media activity, economic footprint and content changes on a website


Check the true influence of a Twitter username. You can check up to 25 social media accounts per day for free.

SparkScore Twitter social media influence score/rating

Social media: new rules of the game=personalization

At a recent event here in Italy (Ca Foscari Digital Week) on the changes in digital media, I thought I would highlight a few key points of the workshops that I attended. First was the “Social media: le nuove regole del gioco” ( Social media: the new rules of the game ).

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What was highlighted first was the increase in popularity of sites where users can create personalized one off designs or mix and match existing garments to create that special look.

A social media site were you can create your own fashion style from anywhere on the web. After creating your design the site offers links to the merchants site where you can purchase online the garment.

This mini-site from the famous sportswear and equipment supplier Nike, allows you to create / design and customize shoes to match your particular style by selecting the materials, design and colours. This is worlds apart from the usual mass produced shoes found in all the major chain stores.

Create a unique bag by personalizing a various handbags.

This site allows you design your own hand made women shoes.

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create a unique bag by personalizing a Speedy handbag