Direct Email Marketing (DEM) campaign examples

Sponsored Tweets DEM

Sponsored Tweets upgrade to pro email marketing example

2014 - The Power of Bing Ads: Zelf Insurance

2014 – The Power of Bing Ads: Zelf Insurance

travel newsletter May 2014

Lumia casa vacanze – travel newsletter May 2014

Best Invest DEM

Best Invest DEM – Find the dog Apr 2014

Ehiweb (Italian) launch offer DEM

 Ehiweb (Italian) launch offer DEM

Yoxx Spanish newsletter Oct 2014

Yoox Spain affiliates newsletter Oct 2014

 actinic e-commerce software newsletter 2014-09-14

Actinic e-commerce software newsletter  – UK Sept  2014

 voyageprive Italy Nov 2014

Voyage prive Italy travel newsletter in Italian Nov 2014

 TTG italian tour operator newsletter 2014

TTG Italian tour operators special offer – May 2014

Hotel newsletter example

Great example of a newsletter DEM for skiing hotel in Italy. Besides a great looking photo of the hotel room there are also activity photos to give a potential customer an idea of what it could be like to stay here. The Orange call to action buttons offer the user a special offer of either a child that can stay for free, a free nights stay or a free ski pass.