Pay per click (PPC) landing page examples

Infinitytv italian tv streaming service landing page”>

A great landing page from Infinitytv the Italian streaming service, featuring Breaking bad star Bryan Cranston. Using a photo like this surely gets the users attention, plus the easy Facebook signup and usual free trial period should be a winner for sure.

sky italy streaming service


Landing page from skyonline in Italy. For me this is just a little to busy for my tastes (though Italian portals tend to be like this general). Still this is a great looking landing page.

experteer italy landing page


Experteer Italy landing page with classic call to action button in Orange.

free trial LA Times PPC LANDING PAGE


Great PPC landing page from the Los Angeles Times offering a free trial to their subscription service (no easy task these days when users are addicted to “FREE” everything. The title is made up of the “call to action”: Try it Today and the very low offer of $0.99 cents for the first 10 days. Lastly the options are limited to only 3 to not confuse the user and the “most popular” is pre-selected. TheƂ “most popular” technique reinforces the point that other users have already chosen this offer.