Hit by Penguin? How to remove bad back links

With  low quality back links becoming more dangerous by the day I thought I would compile a list of tools both free & paid to help clean up your back-link profile and be loved again by the major search engines.

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Link detox


This online organic algorithm helps you spot unnatural links that could be hurting your rankings. Link Detox Genesis™ incorporates feedback from thousands of users on links that could be considered unnatural like links in the footer or sidebars, etc.  is highly accurate at spotting unnatural links. The tool works for any language and country.


SEO Gadget Tools


Check you site’s link profile with the link categorisation tool for Excel. Understand your link profile by categorising your inbound links to assess quality and diversity.




Check back-links from 3 data sources (Majesticseo, Seomoz and Ahrefs). There is also a tool to identify your anchor text diversity and highlight links at risk for anchor text over optimisation. The service is a not free but you can generate a report of some sample links to see how it works.


3 Months to No.1: The No-Nonsense SEO Playbook for Getting Your Website Found on Google Paperback
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3 thoughts on “Hit by Penguin? How to remove bad back links

  1. SeoKungFu

    Hi Chris 🙂

    There is too much FUD ( fear, uncertainity and doubt ) running wild and crazy nowadays in the SEO realms.

    The truth is that the best defense is proactive and preemptive approach – i.e. best of all is to never get in the troubles’ way, never get penalized.

    And just in case and if need be – if disaster strikes, then just deal with it and fix it, rather than panic.

    “Fear is the path to the dark side”, says Yoda as.

    1. chris Post author

      “never get penalized” tell that to the thousands of sites that got hit…hindsight is always good after the fact!

      I think many SEO “experts” would love to know what the “proactive and preemptive approach” is?


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