SEO Duplicate Content checker tools

Duplicate content or pages with similar content is a major problem on the web both for users and for web designers and SEO specialists.

There are many tools around the web to help alleviate the problem. These are my favorites:

Webconfs Similar Page Checker after entering the 2 urls outputs the results as a percentage.

Duplicate Content Tool (no longer available) Shows some interesting data like Total HTML similarity, Standard text similarity and Smart text similarity which analyses the main content of the page stripping out the footer, navigation, etc.

Another tool (aptly named “Similarity Analyzer” ) that I used to use along time ago is from an Italian site called

6 thoughts on “SEO Duplicate Content checker tools

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  2. Dave

    Duplicate content is definitely something you should stay away from, apart of copyscape there are also few really good software that checks for duplicate content


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