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Piwik the open source alternative to Google analytics Pt1

Piwik is a free site statistics analyzer which is a valid alternative to the well known Google analytics product. Being open source means that not only is it free but you have the freedom to modify the underlining code to your specific requirements. I’ve been testing this product since 2009 and I must say the latest stable release (v1.1.1) on the 4th Jan 2011 is quite impressive  in terms of graphics and functionality.

Like Google analytics Piwik is a javascript tag based solution which as the advantage of tracking real visitors rather than automated bots but has the drawback that any visitor to your site with JavaScript disabled (certain mobile phones for example) would not be tracked at all, there is a solution to this using an Simple Image tracker (inside a no-script tag) which in testing tracked correctly a normal browser with JavaScript disabled but with a Nokia E71 mobile smartphone  it was completely invisible.

In my next post I will go into detail all the features of Piwik, in the meantime check out their site and download it at

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