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How to carry out keyword research

Below is a list of my favourite tools to carry out keyword research:

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Ubersuggest – Neil Patel

Enter the domain name to see the keywords that it is currently ranking for. Useful to check competitor sites.

Find keywords a domain name is currently rankings for

KeyWord Keg

Keyword research tool were you enter a seed search query and the tool returns a large list of keywords to target. For each keyword, it shows you the monthly search volume (both globally or for a specific market), average CPC cost, keyword value (CPC * search volume), On and off page difficulty, SEO difficulty, CTR scope (to see if the organic keywords are clicked on or not), keyword power (combination of all the previous factors) and finally the search trend expressed as a monthly bar chart. You can also import an existing list of keywords.

Cost: Subscription model starting from $40 a month.

Find easy to rank keywords with high monthly search volume in just seconds using KeywordKeg


Storybase is a keyword analysis tool. Starting from a single keyword the tool will show you the following information:

Demographic data (age & gender of the searchers).

Most popular questions related to your query

Phrases related to the keyword

Related keywords and phrases

Number of searches per month

The tool currently covers the US,UK & Danish markets and is free for a limited amount of searches.

Storybase keyword tool

Yandex wordstat

Enter a word or phrase into this free tool and it will show search query statistics for searches on Yandex the Russian search engine. The figures next to each query in the results are a provisional forecast for the number of impressions a month for a given keyword or phrase.

RankTank Infinite Suggest

Google Suggest keyword tool


looks at keywords and their associated nouns/adverbs/all

visuwords keywords for shopping

KW Finder

KW finder tool screenshot of the keyword SEO


Tool that generates lots of question-based keywords, after entering a seed keyword, this free tool shows a list of untapped keyword ideas.

Enter in a keyword to find the questions that your readers are asking.

Screenshot of Question DB – Enter in a keyword to find the questions that your readers are asking.

Merlinox suggest

This free tool extracts searches from Google Suggest SERP data. You can set view mode (linear, table, tree), scan mode (loop, alfanum, alfanuminvert, correlate) or by Google domain (.com, .it, .de) and language (en, it, de).

This tool is based on Google Suggest SERP data

Infinite Suggest

Starting with one keyword this tool will scrape Google of the suggestions connected to that word. What is very useful about this tool is that you can keep adding words to the list. Also, each suggestion contains a link to the SEMRush tool for further analysis.

Google Suggest keywords for SEO

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Think with Google

It allows you to search for products and splits popularity of product by demographic, location, device etc. also showing volume to some degree. Only US at the moment but worth checking out as has some interesting data points.

shopping thinkwithgoogle screenshot for sonos speakers

Google Adwords AdPreview tool

For viewing SERPS for different locations/languages/devices/domains – it’s been really useful when looking at where clients rank on a localised scale.

Preview Tool – Google AdWords


Optimize the content on your web site for your chosen keywords. This tool will offer suggestions on how to improve your web page with tips on writing style, words that need adding, etc.

What is your text about... from a search engine point of view


SEMRush keyword tool tool for the search seo tools


Ubersuggest keyword tool


KW finder tool screenshot


Free tool (up to 700 keywords at a time), to get keyword ideas. Just enter your main search queries or a URL, select the Google market.

Get keyword ideas with RankSonic Keyword Tool.

Voice search tools

With the rise in voice activated searching via personal assistants like Amazon’s Echo (aka Alexa), Google Home (a direct competitor of the Echo), Siri and Cortana, it is essential to use online tools to work out how users search in a different way using this method.


Input a keyword and visualize keyword research content ideas that users could be using when carrying out searches via personal assistants. The free tool will show you various questions and prepositions connected to the your keyword. All data can be exported in .csv format for further analysis.

search for flights using


3 Months to No.1: The No-Nonsense SEO Playbook for Getting Your Website Found on Google Paperback


Free tool in Italian (but still usable for English speakers) that for a given keyword shows many metrics connected to searches for Google Italy ( Metrics include; Keyword difficulty, search volume, Pages indexed in Google, average CPC, seasonal differences, latest SERPs results, overview of ranking trend of the top result, backlink competition and the adverts appearing for this query (in Google).

seozoom keyword research tool

Bloomberry app

Similar to Answerthepublic it’s only great for getting question based keywords. The tool is free to use if you register.

You simply enter your keywords in and Bloomberry scours the web collecting questions from all the usual sources, it even scraped forums for questions too. It then groups all the questions together in various topics for easier analysis. You can also filter by sources and TLDs too, in case you didn’t want information from a particular source, or were doing some research for different markets.

Tool for getting question based keywords


Allows you to measure both Title and Meta description tags in pixel length so it’s easy to measure if what’s created is good (in terms of length). The tool now supports 3 lines for the Meta Description. In the “multiple” tab you can create the title and meta descriptions in bulk.

In the ”evaluate” tab you can check the how good are already created title & meta description tags.

SERPio is an easy to use and free tool for you to craft great Search Engine Result Page (SERP) organic search listings is a website that displays “people also search” queries as you type, but for every search engine at once: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, YouTube, Ebay, Wikipedia, and a couple more.
This could be really useful when you reach the AnswerThePublic limit, for understanding which queries are universal or more tailored to specific engines, or for general content research – however, I’d definitely recommend using it alongside other tools that display search volumes.
Search suggestions and completions from the top providers on the internet.
Kparser ebay-keyword-tool
Find new product ideas, create more optimised titles and product descriptions for Ebay marketplace. Just enter a seed search phrase to start. It can check many languages and markets. The tool is free to use, or you can upgrade to see average CPC and search volumes.
Professional keyword suggestion tool for Ebay marketplace
Valentin App is an easy way to get localized SERPs in different languages and locations. This is ideal for analyzing what keywords competitor sites are targeting. is an easy way to get localized SERPs at an exact location without any additional tools.
Alexa siteinfo tool
Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic. Good for checking what keywords a web site ranks for and checking the current Share of Voice for each search query.
Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic. Good for checking what keywords a web site ranks for and checking the current Share of Voice for each search query.
3 Months to No.1: The No-Nonsense SEO Playbook for Getting Your Website Found on Google Paperback
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Top SEO backlink checker tools

I thought I would list the top tools for checking your back-links (inbound) towards your site. With the Google penguin update, checking your back-links on a regular basis is a must.

3 Months to No.1: The No-Nonsense SEO Playbook for Getting Your Website Found on Google Paperback

Majestic SEO Explorer Tool

Maybe one of the most comprehensive of public available data. I recommend registering for free to make the most out of this tool. For your own domain or ones you control you can create advanced reports with a larger amount of data.


Webmeup SEO backlink tool

From the makers of WebMeUp (all-in-one toolkit) SEO software, the database is currently in Beta and is currently crawling around a mouth watering 1 million new web pages a day! They are hoping to become the largest database of website link data on the planet. The main features are Real-time index update, there own crawler and index (as in not purchased from third party providers), Data can be exported in CSV format to work with the data in a spreadsheet or be imported into another software for further analysis. Cost: free to check 1,000 links directly on their web page.

Columns of the report include: Title and URL of linking page, Link anchor text, if the link is No-follow o not and the date (I assume the last crawl date)

screenshot of Webmeup back-link SEO tool

Open site explorer

Powered by the Mozscape index. 1 domain free per ip address (fire up your proxy or buy the paid version to check more. They also have an api which you can use to check via the shell/script. The homepage also lists the % amount of links no-followed, URL’s employing the rel=canonical tag, number of links on the average page and external links per page on average.

Check your back-links with the Moz tool


Data updates every 15 minutes, friendly interface and rich data analysis. It shows you an historic graph to see how your profile has progressed through time. I especially like the “Anchors Cloud” which shows you a word cloud of you most important anchor texts.



Shows Page URL containing your backlinks, Site Google PR & Backlink Google page PR, anchor text and flag (blank for normal link, nofollow & noindex).


URL Profiler

Software based that can be installed on either a PC or Mac. This software can carry out many SEO tasks like content audits, link prospecting and penalty audits. Url profiler can also collect social and contact details to improve your outreach process. The cost of the software is on a sliding scale starting from £11.94 per month for 1 machine license up to £47.94 a month for the agency version with unlimited licenses.

URL profiler SEO software for windows & mac OS X

Backlink Prediction

Backlink Prediction will take a guess at predicting your future backlinks.

Check your future backlinks

Free and trial accounts are limited to check 2 domains / week.

Top unique domain backlinks to


Linkody is a cloud based link monitoring / management online tool that checks your backlinks every single day and sends you link status reports via email. You can also import your links directly from a CSV or MS Excel format. Linkody provides many metrics like page and domain authority and link analytics.

Free BL checker which shows up to 1000 links (brings back memories of the now defunct Yahoo Site Explorer). Detailed Backlink Information includes your total unique back-links divided by dedicated ip addresses and subnets, total inbound links divided by; number of home page links, no-follows and text links. The tool also tells you the number of inbound links lost in past 30 days. Also you can see your links divided by Top Level Domains:.COM & country specific TLD’s, Most Linked Countries, Most Linked Keyword anchors. These last 3 elements are also shown in a graph format as well (even if they are a little retro looking).

check your backlinks with siteexplorer

Rank Signals

Rank signals is still in Beta but is offers for free a list of your back-links showing Title and URL of Linking Page, Link Anchor Text and Google Page rank. It doesn’t look like you can order the list in anyway or export the data. You can also sign up to get early access to new features.

Screenshot of my backlinks with the ranksignals SEO tool


Check your bad backlinks and your competitors good backlinks, this tool although is a paid tool can be used for free to see the first … backlinks. The tool shows you vital SEO data like: Google PageRank (not likely needed in the future thought), Nofollow Checker, Alexa Rank (more for traffic trend of the site), external Link count, MozRank and social shares. There is also an “Easy Link Management” tool to manage your link data under one roof.

Pricing: starting from $25 month to check 500 unique links, monitor 1 domain, 2 competitors / domain and monitor 50 keywords.

backlink monitor tool

Bulk Moz Link Checker

Online tool retrieves domain authority data in bulk form, just past your URL’s one per line. You can check 2000 links a month and up to 100 a time. Also there are 3 other useful tools: Bulk Social Checker, Rank Tracking & Tweet Finder.

3 Months to No.1: The No-Nonsense SEO Playbook for Getting Your Website Found on Google Paperback


Analyze fresh backlinks of any website, that has been active within the last 90 days. Get an in-depth analysis of the freshest live backlinks. link filtering, Link Disinfection tool, link alerts. Links updated daily. They rate each website with a Link Influence Score (LIS) to show you the strongest pages (quality and number of backlinks). You can export up to 200,000 backlinks per domain for batch analysis and custom reports.


SEO back-link tool to check 2 domains per week. URL, anchor text data, rel attribute, and discovery dates.

Cost: Free & premium accounts

Manual backlink removal service will help you remove bad links & recover from a Google penalty. If you sign up for the free service, then the tool with give you the following information:

A Penalty risk score
Estimated number of bad links
Top anchor text found
Google Penalty Recovery & Backlink Removal Service -


Backlink Analysis for Links That Drive Traffic. This free tool helps you find the best link and traffic sources that you can actually use rather than relying on a massive list of backlinks.

Backlinks Checker Tool

This paid tool allows to check external links pointing to your website. It provides the information about the domain as well. The data can be exported to Excel format.

Backlink checker tool

3 Months to No.1: The No-Nonsense SEO Playbook for Getting Your Website Found on Google Paperback
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